Shopping + markets

Shopping + markets


Rozoy sur Serre:

Located at 6 km

Every Wednesday morning


Located 13 km

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month


Located at 14 km

Every first Saturday morning of the month


Located at 23 km

Every Thursday morning


Located at 24 km

Every Saturday morning (Place de la Mairie)

'Thierache Fermiere' every first Friday of the month: a market with local produce, music, theater and tastings


Located at 24 km

Every Monday morning (Place Victor Hugo)

Every Thursday morning (Place de la Republique)


Special days:

On the following days, stores are closed or open on a limited basis:

*January 1

*Good Friday

*1st and 2nd Easter Day

*May 1 (Labor Day)

*May 8 (celebration of the end of WWII).


*1st and 2nd Whit Monday

*1st and Boxing Day

French stores tend quite often to close down when they want to by the way....


The bakeries below are open from 7:00 / 7:30 (also on Sundays). We have good experiences with the following bakeries:

*In Brunehamel (7 km) a 'depot de pain' is available in the cafe on the square

*In Rozoy sur Serre (7 km) there are 2 bakeries available

*In Montcornet (14 km) there is a bakery

Local products:

*The restaurant in Parfondeval offers a selection of regional products from the area,

*At the 'cider farmer', located on the national road from Parfondeval to Rozoy sur Serre, it is possible to buy a selection of regional products. From May 1, they will be open on Saturdays:

Clos de la Fontaine Hugo, Vichery, Rozoy-sur-Serre. Tel no: +33 323 97 69 47

* Archon: meat for sale from organic farmer: They offer their customers 2 to 3 box sales of their high-quality meats (beef, veal and lamb).

Sales in June/July, September/October, November/December.

* Dolignon: meat for sale from organic farmer:

Supermarket / Centre Commercial:

*Rozoy sur Serre (7 km) - Intermarche *.

*Montcornet (14 km) - Carrefour *.

*Hirson (30 km) - Auchan and Leclerc **.

*Charleville Mezieres (50 km) - Carrefour ***

*Reims (60 km) - Leclerc and Carrefour ***

* = medium

** = large

*** = very large