Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The cottage has four bedrooms:

  1. Bedroom 1 upstairs: one double bed
  2. Bedroom 2 upstairs: one double bed
  3. Bedroom 3 downstairs: a double bed
  4. Bedroom 4 downstairs (accessed through bedroom 3. In this room there are 2 bunk beds. The upper beds are not suitable for adults.

All beds have mattresses of 90×200 cm.

So there are beds for 8 adults and 2 children. At the dining table there are 8 chairs, if necessary two folding chairs can be added.

No, pets are not allowed.

The house is heated by a wood-burning stove and/or electric heaters. Additionally, there is an electric carpet heater under the mat by the couch. In case it gets very cold, there is also a mobile gas heater available.

The large bedroom downstairs, the shower, toilet and kitchen on the first floor are easily accessible for disabled people. The living room is accessible via a staircase of a few wide steps. The entrance to the house is accessible via a gravel path that slopes down slightly. This is easily accessible with a wheelchair or mobility scooter. If the steps to the living room are problematic, then the living room would possibly be accessible outside through the wide garden doors.

No, in principle, no. The prices include tourist tax.

In principle, the house is rented without bedding and towels (the blankets themselves are provided). If you insist on renting bed linen, you can do so at an additional cost. Please ask before booking.

If you (accidentally) broke something, you left the house dirtier than normal use, or you used an extreme amount of energy or wood, we may charge extra. We will deduct these costs from your deposit.

In the house there is a jar in which we ask you to make a contribution for wood consumption if you consume wood or have spent a lot in the sauna.

Yes, you pay a deposit of €200 of the booking amount. The deposit is refunded only after departure minus any damage caused by tenant.

It is not permitted to exceed the maximum number of persons without prior consultation. The owner reserves the right to deny access to the accommodation. However, you may inquire about the possibility of making an exception. For instance, we can consider accommodating babies or small children (up to 5 years) under certain circumstances. Additionally, it may be possible to accommodate one extra adult, provided that prior consultation takes place and this person is not too heavy for the upper bunk beds. There is one baby bed available in the house. If you wish to use it, please inquire in advance.

Of course children are welcome, but keep in mind that the house is not specially equipped for children. There is a stove, there are steps, and there are also items that are not all impact resistant.

A crib is available. Make sure you inform us well in advance that you want to use it. We have to prepare these in advance. A booster seat is available.

1 day before arrival at the vacation home, you will receive from us an access code to the key box. You can use this from 3 pm on the day of rental until 11 am on the day of departure. So you do not have to collect a key and are free to arrive later or leave earlier.

The access code is exclusive to you and to be used only during your rental period and will be changed after your departure.

The house is comfortably furnished and has internet via Wifi. In the house, there are the following amenities: a filter coffee maker, a kettle, a (combi) oven, a microwave, a dishwasher, a large refrigerator, and ample crockery. Do you still have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

In the kitchen

  • Induction cooktop
  • Pans
  • Oven and microwave
  • Toaster
  • Mixer
  • Coffee maker for filter coffee
  • Coffee filters, coffee and tea
  • Kettle
  • Large refrigerator with freezer compartment
  • Tableware
  • Cutlery
  • Kitchen utensils such as whisk, ladle, scissors
  • Dishwasher with dishwasher tablets
  • Detergent
  • Kitchen roll
  • Salt, pepper, spices, sugar, oil
  • Hand soap

In the living room

  • TV, no cable or satellite reception. Streaming via dongle is possible.
  • Wii game console with many games and multiple controllers
  • Lots of books and magazines (in the big suitcase)
  • Wood stove with dry firewood and firelighters
  • Electric heating
  • 8 dining chairs
  • Large sofa (sofa bed)
  • High chair
  • Rocking Chair
  • Stargazer

In the bedrooms

  • Beds, bedside tables, lighting
  • Electric heating
  • Clothes rack, hangers


  • Vacuum cleaner and dustpan & brush, broom
  • Firewood
  • Garden Set
  • Toilet paper
  • Binoculars
  • first aid kit
  • Hair dryer
  • Games

No, not in principle. The blankets themselves are provided, but the fitted sheets, etc. are not. However, during certain times of the year, this service is available for an additional fee of €15 per person. If you would like to avail of this service, please inquire in advance via email to check its availability.

No, not in principle. Sometimes we can make exceptions, but you should expect a significantly higher daily rate. Please contact us directly for more information.