History / museums

History / museums

Mainbresson is located on the border of the French Ardennes and the Aisne (Thiérache region), with a rich history that can still be seen in the remnants and buildings. For example, Sedan is home to the largest fortified castle in Europe, which was built during the 100 Years' War. During this time, many homes and churches were transformed into fortresses, complete with loopholes, watchtowers, and donjons. There is a separate route you can follow called "La Route des Eglises Fortifiées de Thiérache" to explore these fortified churches. The Ardennes also witnessed significant battles during the Franco-German War and the First and Second World Wars, resulting in many casualties. The impressive "Museum of War and Peace" in Novion-Porcien showcases the scars of war over time.

Below is a small selection of museums in the area. Unfortunately, we cannot describe all the museums here, but there are various leaflets and booklets available in the house with more advice and tips.

War museums, etc.

The region was the scene of intense battles, particularly during World War I. The impact of these battles can still be witnessed in various locations, leaving a lasting impression. Below, you will find a selection of sites where you can gather more information about this historical period.

British military cemetery in Montcornet

Novion-Porcien - 25 km:

Museum about 3 wars, including WWI and WWII

Reims - 70 km

Fort de la Pompelle, about 1st World War

Verdun - 138 km:

Very interesting for a long day away, or to book an overnight stay to see everything at leisure.


Museums Overview

An overview of the museums in the Thierache region


Museum on crafts of the past and castle church

Museum about aviation pioneer Jean Mermoz

Saint Michel

Museum of countryside and forest life


Museum on the Thierache