Champagne & regional products

Champagne & regional products

The Champagne-Ardennes and Aisne region of France are known for their beautiful landscapes, historical sites and of course, their delicious local produce.

In the Champagne Ardennes you can enjoy the world-famous Champagne, made from grapes from this region. But this region has much more to offer, such as the charcuterie of Ardennes ham, the cheeses of the montagne de Reims and the macarons of Epernay.

In the Aisne region, you can taste the delicious strawberries of Hauts-de-France, known for their sweet and mild taste. Plums and cherries from this region are also very popular, as are honey and organic fruits and vegetables.

Champagne wine cellar visits

There are many ways to sample the local produce of the Champagne-Ardenne and Aisne region. For example, visit a wine cellar to learn about Champagne production and taste different varieties. Or visit a local market to discover the different local products and get in touch with the locals.

There are also numerous restaurants in this region where you can enjoy dishes made with local local produce. Be surprised by the rich and flavorful dishes served with the delicious local products of the Champagne-Ardenne and Aisne region.

Reims is obviously THE place to look for the famous Champagne producers. In Reims you will find just about all the prestigious brands. We recommend that you book a tour online in advance as it can be quite busy. This is of course possible in French, however most wineries offer the tour in English as well.

Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin

Reims / 60 km


Reims / 60 km

Moet et Chandon

Epernay / 101 km

White Boudin sausage from Rethel

The town of Rethel in the French Ardennes, about half an hour from Mainbresson, has become known for the ancient recipe for this specialty, which dates back to the 17th century. The Red Label (Label Rouge) and the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) are a testimony to the quality of this boudin sausage. Artisanally prepared without preservatives, this sausage is made from high-quality pork, milk, eggs, shallots, salt and pepper, resulting in a creamy and flavorful sausage.

Traditionally, the white boudin sausage of Rethel is eaten during Christmas, but it is also delicious as a snack - fried and sliced -, as an appetizer or as a main course with apple.

Every year, Rethel's white boudin sausage takes center stage on the last weekend of April, with tastings and entertainment, during which the greatest boudin sausage eater is crowned.

Delicious Carolo: Meringue from Charleville-Mézières

Charleville-Mézières in the French Ardennes is known for its delicious Carolo, a type of meringue made from egg whites, sugar and a touch of brandy. This delicacy has been a popular treat in the region since the 18th century and is often served during festive occasions.

If you're looking for a unique and tasty treat during your vacation in the French Ardennes, you should definitely try a slice of Carolo. You can buy this meringue from local bakeries in Charleville-Mézières or nearby, or you can make it yourself using a traditional recipe.

Local Gastronomy in the French Ardennes

  • Ardennes ham
  • Boudin Blanc
  • Red Turkey
  • Young boar
  • Brioche Rolls
  • Carolo
  • Cider from Gironval
  • Ardenner Beer
  • Thrushes and Rowan berries
  • Goat Cheese
  • Honey
  • Saffron

The "Ardennes de France" label To highlight the quality of local gastronomy in the French Ardennes, the "Ardennes de France" collective label was created. Managed by the Tourist Office of the French Ardennes, this label features 60 artisans and 200 local products. These products range from charcuterie, black pudding, "boudin blanc," poultry, macarons, chocolate to industrial and tourist products. There is something for everyone, from beers and cider to cheese, turkey, honey and saffron. Be sure to look for the "Ardennes de France" seal of approval if you want to taste real Ardennes ham. This ham is dried and not smoked, and the pigs have eaten at least 75% acorns, grain products and tubers from the Ardennes.