Hiking in the French Ardennes

Hiking in the French Ardennes

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The area around Mainbresson is a real haven for hiking enthusiasts who love nature. Situated on the border of the French Ardennes and the Thierache and Aisne region, this area provides countless opportunities for stunning walks.

From quick and simple strolls around the house itself to demanding hikes through the hills and forests, the area around Mainbresson offers something for every level of ability. Moreover, there are numerous historical sites to explore along the way, including ancient abbeys and castles, which adds an extra layer of fascination to the hikes.

Val de Serre hiking trail

This trail is directly adjacent to the village of Mainbresson.




At http://www.rando-cret es.fr/circuits there are many hiking and biking trails.

Nearby is the route of 16km along the castle churches: http://www.rando-cretes.fr/circuit/114-les-eglises-fortifiees-de-thierache

At Rocquigny:


At Hirson:

A waterfall and pond. View more information